Have you got the time?

In our April newsletter we outlined the work that our consultants have been doing over the past 6 months to help us answer three vital questions about the development of the Library, Museum and Art Gallery building on Broad Street:

  • Is it possible? – the work on a feasibility study aims to provide an answer to this
  • Do people want it? – our conversations with stakeholders are helping to clarify this
  • Can we afford it? – our expert fundraising consultant is developing a clear case for funding and a plan that will work

It is the second of these three questions that we now plan to do further work on. In addition to the stakeholder conversations that have already taken place we now wish to start a programme of wider public engagement and conversation.

If you have got the time we would really like your help with this next phase of the project.

How can you help?

We need a number of volunteers who can help us maintain the 31 broad street information stand in the Library so that is kept up to date with developments and to talk with visitors about the project. The aim of these conversations is to both inform people about the project and listen to what they have to say about what they would like to see happen to the building and the range of services they think should be in it. If you like meeting and talking with people, are enthusiastic about the potential of the 31 broad street project and have at least 2 hours or more a week to spare, then you are an ideal person for this role.

As a 31 broad street public engagement volunteer you will be given full training and support to enable you to get the most from working in the Library supporting the project.

How do I become a 31 broad Street volunteer?

You can get more details about this volunteer work by sending an email to culturalvolunteering@herefordshire.gov.uk requesting an application pack. This is a great opportunity to get involved and we hope you will want to join us and help to make the project a success

Looking forward to working with you

31 broad street development group

Jane Adams, Kate Seekings and Les Watson

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